🎨 We Painted Our House Galaxy!!! Man Vs House Ep.#6

🎨 We Painted Our House Galaxy!!! Man Vs House Ep.#6

(CRASH) Hey, Hey your watching “Man VS House” Were back at th-, Were back at the house. It’s paint day! The crews are in. They’re painting a lot of doors. I don’t know why we have this man- why do we have this many doors? I really want to want to use this gun they’re using. I’ve never used one before. Do you think I can- I can use that? Yeah! I got one! Alright, here goes What! That’s cool He’s laughing at me. I’m totally doing this wrong I can- oh no that’s bad I just screwed the whole closet up. Corrine’s gonna kill me Oh, he’s gonna’ show us how to really do it Oh, nice! Oh my goodness, he’s giving it back to me! Wow! Oh, yeah Oh, I missed a spot right there I am not doing too good at this paint job I need to put my mask on I’m getting lightheaded in here, alright thank you guys Whew! (coughs) Yeah it’s a lot, very-very painty in there There he is, steel roof builder’s most eligible bachelor All of the ladies were talking about you in the uh-the uh comments last week Corinne: Rob’s jealous Man: It’s hard to work while I’m blushing (laughs) You want to give an Instagram or something? From88tilinfinity Damn. You got one too? I don’t know what any of that means. Do you know what this is? What is that? The old poop tube, full of 100 year old poop. Oh hold on, hold on you gotta stand back there, that’s some real nice lighting. With the blonde hair and everything, oh, look at that, look at fabulous on the worksite. Alright, you ready to pick up some paints? Let’s do it. Hey! look at us, back in the most magical place on earth! Lowe’s! Today’s a big day. We’re picking colors, we’re picking stains, we’re picking tiles! It’s getting crazy up in here. Oh, here we are: the paint department. There is a lot to choose from. Oh, totally tan No Mocha Mist Chopped cilantro No Winery Red, that sounds like you Whats that supposed to mean? I mean if we want to do some galaxy house, I’m in it to win it, you know what I mean Oh my god, that’s a little overwhelming We also have to pick what colour white we want for the walls- and there is a lot of white Isn’t it just white? No, no, no- see the subtle differences? Not really You see? No Milk bloom, nuance, whatever that means Marshmellow? I’m into that Who’s coming up with all these ridiculous names? Thats the question- I want to meet that guy Uh yeah, his name is Sherwin Williams Alright, I think we got the winner Rare and Radiant, just like you! Alright, got our paint Some of these, a few of these, couple of these An edger? I don’t know what that is but I think I need it We still need to look at the stain for all the wood And we need to pick out all the tiles So much tile, so little time. Uh what? [No.] Oh, you got to be kidding me, I got to go through all these and pick one? Uh, I wouldn’t say you have to pick anything What? [Yeah.] See like this? That’s the one I want. Isn’t that crazy? [That is not wood at all.] And no trees had to die to make this product! Uh, do you think you can carry like two hundred boxes of these? Yeah they’re real heavy, be careful. Yeah okay, alright This right here is actually something that’s very reminiscent of the 1920s This is it! [I like it.] Yeah I’m going to need 67 boxes of that 67 boxes of this?! Now what are you doing? Oh my god, there’s all these grout colors to choose from! Here it is, Corrine’s cracking I give up Gold shimmer grouts [Whaaaaat?] Glitter grout? Thats what I’m talking a-grout! Ahhhap- Ahhhhap- No. Hey lets get grout of here- huh? Alright, we’ll see you back at the house Sorry neighbours, it’ll all be over soon- hopefully What is even going on? Oh, Rob, whats happening? Bob, steelroot builders, what’s going on? This looks amazing! [Thanks to Corrine] Yeah, totally. If it wasn’t for Corrine, I think we’d still be working. And then, it looks like the kitchen is almost complete! It’s looking good, we got the cabinets in, some marble, we got countertops, it’s going to look bomb It’s starting to look like a house in here again! It’s still wet, it’s still wet Well come on, Bob, its still? [Oh, these are your finger prints in it.] Moving on here and the bedroom looks pretty awesome, almost done What is going on up there? Yeah, go take a peek, go check it out Here we go, what’s going on up here? looking for studs heheheh, you just found one! BOOM! [groans from distance] so tomorrow we got countertops and we got the sanding of the floors not to mention all the work we got in the basement theres some good news, right? Theres no flooding anymore, it all dried up thats the best news so far basically the best way to prevent what happened last week is to go through and cut a trench all the way around the entire house [laughs] yeah what!? so in grand total what are we talking- just for the basement, us finishing this off Ta-ching! It’s going to be big [laughs] what?! I think we are looking 18-20 thousand [More laughter] You can go visit us on Patreon errr .com We are starting a gofundme for this basement so yeah here we go, want some twenties? Hey, take it all! Fix the whole thing [thats forty dollars Rob] thats not going to do it Just take it all yeah yeah yeah, I’ll be fine once we move on to something else err, we got the paint samples, we are going to see whether or not they work on the house or not [beat boxing] is that? [thats my painting samples] wow, ok, that happened alright, the moment of truth, picking the house color you guys picked galaxy overwhealmingly, so of course we got those samples just to test it out! This is tricorn black We are still apparently going through with this, I thought this was a joke Let’s just do black first, this is the impulsive purple ohhhhh yeah, that should definitely be the colour of our house [ok] wow. the galaxy queen has struck again! [struggles to open lid] oh, this is going to be the best one- Look at that, huh? ohhhhhhhhhhhh [sings] galaxy house whaaaaaaaaat?! what do we think? I think I’m still entertaining this idea ’cause it’s starting to look PRETTY COOL! Ohhhhhh, ohhh yeah, thats it thats some pinterest stuff right here no, thats the thumbnail, right there there it is, galaxy house [we painted our house galaxy] Yeah, thats the title! clickbait! hold on hold on [theres more] this is where the magic comes in [oh right because it wasn’t magical before] oh! [laughs] um, these are supposed to be the galaxies yeah that looks great Bob is going to be really excited about this paint job Hey Bob, what do you think about this? It’s like a unicorn threw up on the side of the house So you like it then? It’s getting somewhere [he likes it!] This is going to look really good, we got ourselves a galaxy house Hey, hey, hey- no, no, no what are you doing? if we did just a, like, repeat pattern of just skulls and crossbones [like a pirate house?] yeah! Like a pirate house! Let us know in the comments down below if we should go for a pirates house or a galaxy house and then, um, our neighbours will just LOVE us right?! I gotta go [alright] so I can talk to the city about unicorn codes ok [laughter] it’s going to be great! we’ll see you tomorrow! Right so we are back at the house with the tile, and as quick as we just bought it we gotta go install it thats how fast things are moving around this house right now they already got a bit of it started for me, I’m going to see if I can jump in here on the process as you can see here, these are heated floor coils, like a bunch of jerks alright so I got these little pads I can put on here I got a tool, I got some instruction, I got some tile- lets do this alright, here we go [all the way down] oh, oopps [thats ok, don’t worry about it] ok alright [make it smooth] sponge it down, clean it up [good job man] [it looks so professional already] Did you hear that? A professional already! Hope I don’t mess this up so just right here in this little corner? oh yeah, that feels [and now you just hit it like this] look at this work, this is some professional stuff right here! professional tile layer! [good job, good job] [flip it flip it] oh yep yep yep very encouraging Tamp it down, checking my work right here, how does it look like? [perfecto] awh, perfecto, I like it I feel like a pro, I’m ready to do the rest of the house, let me know Countertops are going in- Yay! They look goooood can’t top this Do you know what these are called? [I don’t know, what is it?] These are called Orion’s Blanco- like Orion’s belt we’re painting the house galaxy, we got our galaxy countertop We have this beautiful farm house sink- this has been a dream of mine forever Floor to ceiling fireplace Don’t the black windows look so cool you guys? I loooooove them The bulk art floor is no more this is original flooring right here [a hundred year old floors] 90 years old by the time they are done with this house it’ll be a hundred [rob laughs] But check out this closet Look at this! It’s so neat, its on a three track system And each door can be controlled independantly we are also going to put mirrors up in each one of these panels [and one up on the ceiling right? This is a family friendly show, Rob Czar Just going to sneak you into the bathroom are you ready for it? Boom boom boom boom [sings] holy crap and there it is, my beautiful time appropriate tile I’ll never get tiled of this and just your basic bench here this place has come a long way I’m amazed at how much work has been done It’s a glorious day alright so I heard from Bob that these guys just got here to fix the basement from flooding let’s see whats going on in here oh jesus christ what is even happening in there? do you see those guys in the suits and the masks? Oh my god Let’s see what Corrine’s up to [Look at that] Like an expert is this the wrong one? [Yes, move it out and we can do some more] [ohhhhhh] Look at this! [Perfecto] [Rob: hey he said the same thing to me last time] He really means it this time [yeah words of encouragement] no, don’t let him see this part we get a discount with all this work that we are doing, right? I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel [I’m almost done!] yeah, I don’t think you can ever be truly done with a house renovation project there is still a very lengthy to-do list bathroom, vanity, cabinets, kick plates, I don’t even know what any of this stuff is We still gotta do the whole landscaping Thats going to be a whole new series I’m thinking about calling that the old lady gardening show Yeah, no I like that Hey, do us a favor, head on over to the Lowes youtube channel, subscribe and check those guys out they have been sponsoring this entire series since the beginning and we couldn’t have done it without them We are eternally grateful for them! Thank you Lowes, you’re the best! Subscribe, like up this video if you haven’t done so already and we’ll see you around here next time ahhhhhh you f*cked up the camera there opppps sorry ok there we go there we go, got it, alright see ya

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  1. Rob is maybe not perfect but he is one hell of a husband! Wish mine would shop with me like this letting me choose anything i want then pay for it and found the one way to tell her she was beautiful in the sun … lucky you

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  3. this is literally so dissapointing that the house actually didnt get painted galaxy honestly i thought they would do a ton more diys with they’re house 😭 i thought they would have pint-rest the crap out of it

  4. Lol. Feel free to come to my house and unfuck the tile job i had done by some jackass. I pay in pizza and breakfast burritos 😅

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