🍭"CANDY ART" CATASTROPHE!! - (I Never Wanted You to See This...)

🍭"CANDY ART" CATASTROPHE!! – (I Never Wanted You to See This…)

get everyone welcome to draw with Jazza I'm Jezza and I know how in one of the last videos I sort of said that by this time I'll be back to a regular three video a week schedule I was wrong I'm still in a bit of chaos bit of mess to be sorted out through before we get in really close and we've done a lot of really cool stuff just hung the rails and as you can see I can hang the lights and camryn and stuff it's really fun but gathers I'm nearly there I think there's a solid couple of days left but by the time this video comes out which is Monday there's a full couple of days Oliver had to sort through this and I will be back to the regular few videos so I know that a lot of my content I start from the April Fool's content which I hope you enjoyed by the way I know a lot of my content has been about the place where I'm going to make content and I haven't really done much art I feel like the box for counts but I'm sure some of you probably don't so as of the week that this video comes out you can't expect videos to roll out normally but this video is an exception because I still need to organize some crap but without recording new content which I'm not really capable of doing right now the only thing I could do is lean on something I have recorded and not yet released there is only one video that is so atrocious an artworks so horrible that I've never been able to bring myself to show anyone this video is a sharing of that video with you it's it's half a video because as you will see I got halfway through the creation of a candy art challenge and then my soul died because it was so bad it's just worth taking the lesson that no matter who you are no matter what you do there are always going to be miserable failures and today we're going to explore one of those the best defense against those miserable failures is practice and as the saying goes the wise person learns from experience but the wiser person learns from other people's experience that's why I'm excited to share the sponsor of this video skill share skill share is an amazing video learning platform with over 20,000 classes in illustration drawing design business animation and loads more and if you want to know a great place to start on Skillshare I would recommend my two courses one on how to be a youtuber and how to get started how to build an audience how to monetize your channel and another on how to present a camera which as you can tell really good at so go on and check out school share you can get yourself two months of free premium skill chef go just check out the link now and if you're one of the first 500 people to use that link you'll get those two months for free and without further ado ladies and gentlemen I present to you my biggest failure of an art project on this channel that never turned into anything and it made me really sad and will probably make you really sad to say enjoy candy or as we call it in Australia lollies do you call it an English lollies lollies I'm just gonna say candy in this video because most of my audience are American anyway today I'm going to use in excess of candy to try and create a work of art I've never done anything like this before but that's the fun of draw with Jezza so let's explore what my tax-deductible candy adventures have brought us today so this is my artistic medium for the day and for the glue I am going to try using sugar when you melt this stuff it gets super hot so I'm obviously going to be really careful but also very sticky and when it dries I'm hoping and assuming it's going to be the glue that holds my piece together now in trying to work with the sugar I have a pot and to cook and melt the sugar I went to my local camping shop and bought a little portable butane stove not only if I never cooked or melted sugar to use as glue I have never used one of these and it's it's fire I had it how do you oh wait okay so that goes in there I'm assuming that that's push that that's on smells like gas now in any situation where you have no idea what you're doing and you're slightly afraid of the results the solution is to speak with confidence and talk as if this is a tutorial how I'm cooking your sugar into sugar glue make sure you have all of your ingredients and appliances ready first off I want to set your stove to a high heat I hope oh wow that's a it's a high heat I bring the heat down next put your pot on the stove and turn the heat even lower because you don't know how hot it you I mean because it should be on a low heat to begin with um I forgot any measuring cups or in exactly this amount of a sugar yep that looks right I'll turn it back up to a medium heat stir constantly now I don't want to burn the sugar because I know then it sort of turns brown it's gonna turn the heat up and see what happens we'll know that the sugar is melting I meant for that to happen maybe don't stir constantly maybe that's the wrong pause you're stirring momentarily maybe start stirring again if you get nervous we are where we're liquid-liquid defying here by the way if you do this yourself I mean or don't do this yourself but second of all if you do this yourself do so with the help of an adult I don't have the help of an adult because I am an adult Oh burnin yeah I've burnt the sugar what step where we up to step seven throw out your burnt sugar then start again make sure to turn your stove off before you go outside step 9 try not to drop your pot on the ground when you're washing all the sugar out and bend it but it's okay because this is disposable one and I'm teaching you melt sugar five to ten minutes I'm rushing this okay all right let's do that step eleven don't listen to me it's enough or too much other than I mean I could have just used like normal glue yeah that's not the candy art challenge I want to disappoint you guys I think as a result I disappoint a lot of you definitely disappoint my parents now it said five to ten minutes so I'm gonna be patient and not rush this process oh oh it's a bit liquidy at the bottom give it a good stir to flip the top stuff to the bottom I think maybe I don't know I'm gonna stop pretending I know what I'm doing yeah maybe it's meant to grow that color maybe that's the color of melted sugar I'm gonna Google that oh yeah now that looks all right it's like a honey color alright I'm not a complete disappointment yet Oh burning burning yep definitely burning I can't chuck it out this time just add more sugar have I just ruined it I think I've ruined it okay so I have my liquid defied sugar here and I have loads of candy so what I'm going to do now is create a work of art but just so you guys have a nice up close and personal view front row seats to the sugary goodness I am going to mount a GoPro to my torso so I can only hope this turns out decent let's get started [Applause] all right now we get to the fun bit this is this is where having your camera strapped to your chest really pays off I was recording the time-lapse footage with the GoPro on my chest and it has an audio nothing that I ever planned on using but I did capture my immense sadness and disappointment but I thought it'd be fun to share with you right now well I'll have something there won't be something spectacular but it'll be something that was optimistic of me however I did technically have something because about a year and a half after making this I got desperate enough to mean something to share with you and that's this you're welcome let's get back to it what am i doing I'm just pouring chocolate on the cardboard base just a very flat looking landscape by the way I've had no thought of this recording the audio so this is my genuine interaction with my wife I was verged giving up and this is the conversation where I did give up hey Bubba that's my son in the background he sounds so little this is awful this is really awful yep it looks like me macaroni art that a preschool is made with street art for a youtube channel that a full-grown adult made I'm just rubbing the chocolate and then just like licking my fingers is bound to not work sometimes that's true that's the philosophy I live by there are lots of philosophers I live by if you haven't got a handle on that yet I guess the failures make the successors I have to quote you in my video I'm just making chocolate of my pants and eating it while saying very meaningful quotes like I guess the failures make the successes it's good quote a philosophy hard live my wife was having that whole conversation with me locked out of the room I think it's because I was recording a candy art video and I knew my child would be way too interested and if he got into the room I'd be in some trouble alright this is this is my wife having a proper look at it to see if it's worth saving I'm gonna build make a fence L of these must've you of my slump of disappointment and the resignation to the fact that no matter what the out where it turns out like I'm committed it's got to become a video at some point it's just strips of this stuff I'm frozen in a pose of disappointment just today it's just gonna have to be a nothing day I think this is why I remember I'm recording and realize I'd give up giving up that's it and this is at the moment of resurrection I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed watching my failure and enjoying me react to my failure which then turns this whole thing into a success because the failures make the success we got it it is also the one failure so bad that I never threw it away I knew it was so bad that I kept all of the files for that video because I thought one day I'm either gonna redeem myself and make a better candy art video and refer to my first failure or do what I did today but you know what I still won't new you can the art video and if I needed help on how to create candy art Skillshare would be the place I'd go to do it I don't know if there have many courses on how to make art out of candy to be honest that's probably a bit niche I look it up no didn't return any results not surprising and I probably shouldn't be the one to volunteer to make that class but if you're looking for a great course on illustration drawing design or anything a little more conventional where people tend to have expertise in it every now and then skill share is the best place to go to do that there are class projects you can follow and if you like to teach skills it's also a great place to earn a bit of money from your skills and share your skills with others build your own community and build a bit of your profile and even get clients and customers through the visibility that you can earn on the skill share platform which is really where a lot of people go to learn to teach and you can do that today so use that two month free skill share code and McKiernan in the description there are 27,000 classes that you can explore for free link in the description first 500 people only so just use it while you can that's it for now thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you're new to this channel Lib so you can support me with my shop and some items I sell they're some great digital goodies there's also behind-the-scenes vlog of the day I tried to make the candy art video so if you click on that you can go see how that was documented that's it for now thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you later

38 thoughts on “🍭"CANDY ART" CATASTROPHE!! – (I Never Wanted You to See This…)

  1. Years ago I made a building out of sugar cubes for the kids, for Xmas. They loved it! I decorated it with candy and told them it was the witches house from Hansel & Gretel.

  2. I don't know what you were hoping to achieve, but this looks pretty good to me. Surely, you could have tried on a smaller scale, used baking paper. You could have made small animals/ faces / houses, flowers… And given them to your sweet child to eat, instead of wasting them on cardboard.

  3. "It's just stripes of the stuff…"

    XD I'm sorry it was a failure, but this is so funny. I definitely think you should try this again though! You just need more research. Using isomalt instead of sugar would be a good start; they even have pre-cooked isomalt that can be microwaved for 20-30 seconds and then be ready to go. It doesn't have to just be used for glue either. Isomalt can be pulled into different shapes, or poured into molds. Food paint is also a thing that exists, or you can air brush things with edible coloring, make them shiny with cake gloss… all sorts of artistic options. Pastry art is actually a huge field though. It might be easier to start with something like frosting a cake, and just try a bunch of different things with frosting?

  4. For the melting put a little bit of water in the shuger and don't sturr it. I am not a native speaker so please exkayouse my writing.

  5. Just for Jazza, if he ever want to try it again…

    Water + Sugar = hot sugar sirup which can harden to sugar-glass if you stop before it turns brown (you need to check if it hardens with a wooden stick or drop some drops to a cold surface to see if it hardens…

    Sugar + Milk = Caramel – for hard candy, but try not to burn it… it needs to be a bit longer on the stove than sugar glass, you want a bit brown in it 😀

    Sugar + Milk + Butter = and do it slowly and you'll get caramel for soft-candys 🙂

    … and to be honest, I needed 3 tries to get blue sugar-glass (for a birthday cake …for my little girl … for a castle … Frozen – do I have more to say..) because if it turns green, it is burned!


    Have fun with sugar! Yey!

  6. I think this would be fun to retry around Christmas. At the very least it would be an excuse to build an epic Gingerbread castle.

  7. If you asked someone in America (from my experience as an american) they would probably give you lollipops, and not something like, say, gummy worms

  8. Me: laughs at Jazza's disappointment and commentary
    Also me: literally cannot make good art let alone with candy

  9. Aawwww poor little jazza…
    Love the irony of him saying I'm All in at the moment (in a cute voice) and today he's uploading it 'cause he doesn' t have enough videos to upload… Well… (by the way correct me if I made some grama mistakes or some other thingy cause I'm German and not good at this… And there are only 20 minutes before midnight…
    … Who else needs sleep? )

  10. WHY DOES YOUTUBE RECOMMEND YOUR VIDEOS FEW MONTHS LATE FOR ME?!?! This is PERFECT! YouTube committed a crime by not showing me this video when it came out originally.

  11. I'm really glad this was posted. No one is perfect and it's nice to see the human side sometimes! (Not just failures but things like eating the chocolate, a trmporary dejected slump, and the squee of excitement over the fire!)

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