she ended up in a mental asylum and ended
up escaping to Mexico so pretty much we have a lot in common, I need food, probably enchiladas of some kind I’m so glad the Beegees haven’t gone back on –
how deep is your love indeed! YUM hola amigos and welcome back to San Luis
Potosi today is Thursday and I mean Plaza Fundadores where I came before
you might remember I came to a car show here in a Sunday morning and right in
front of me there’s some kind of thing being put up possibly for some kind of
concert or something there’s always something like this happening in this
area of San Luis and in today’s video we’re doing a few little bits so we go
to the museum I’m going to talk about a subject which is really at the forefront
of my mind at the moment and many youtubers have talked about this which
is YouTube burnout and also perhaps um ice cream so I mentioned in the last
video the in San Luis my ice cream is famous helado is everywhere and I know
there are many places that you would probably recommend to me to go to there
are also many mainstream places like Dairy Queen I’m not going there but
there’s a place right over there which has been recommended by Elizabeth my
wonderful a B&B host I’ve just had a huge coffee thing full
of sugar and now I’m gonna have some ice cream I’m gonna be hot more hyper than a
normally are, am? I can’t even speak anyway let’s go! let’s get past the
lamppost so this is the la michoacana I understand they do lots of
different varieties of them of helado so let’s see what we can find so the lighting in here is fantastic look
at my time amazing and by the way this is the second time I’ve filmed this bit
because if you saw the Guanajuato video recently where I had to put half
the video without sound because there was copyrighted music in the background
that just happened – The Beegees how deep is your love! so I’m filming this again so here’s
the ice cream which is half eaten already because that was in the first take but this
is helado con queso y zarzamora which I have no idea what
it is I’m assuming cheesy raspberry or something and indeed it’s fruit so yeah it’s beautiful! yum, obviously I’ve already reacted to
this in the first time there’s something and it tastes like you know proper
homemade ice cream with proper fruit I think it’s like raspberry or something
cherry maybe but you know it doesn’t taste like that crap again from the
supermarket you know Soriana, Bodega Aurrera and, you know, this beast,
I always get these things and think oh that’s not much it’s
not very big it’s huge forty pesos is stunning and I’m so
tired the Bee Gees haven’t gone back on how deep is your love indeed yum! and
while this dips all over my fingers as per usual there’s lots of different
things you can get so as well as the different varieties of ice cream so many
of them there’s also Aguas Frescas like Horchata, things like that,
lollipops Americans might call them popsicles I call them lollies or lollipops but
yeah so many different things I think and behind me there’s Gazpacho and something
cold soup? who knows okay you might remember that place
behind me Comida China I ate there in another video in San Luisand we’ve
left the ice cream place I didn’t eat the whole thing because this is a
reality moment for YouTube when you have food in videos sometimes you don’t
necessarily want the food so you just eat half of it and chuck it away just
for the video you know reality time so we’re going off to a museum now museo de
leonora carrington the english artist surrealist artists so we’re walking back
towards san sebastian i live just up there let me know in the comments what
you think of these first-person perspective shots so you’re actually
seeing what I’m looking at looking forward rather than the kind of my face
yeah I’ll be interested to know everyday life in San Luis or more
specifically barrio San Sebastian oh I thought that girl was waving at me but
she was waving a bus anyway Oxxo, beautiful colorful buildings this little
place this tacos tortas place it’s beautiful they’re really cheap like
tacos things like that nice little place to eat clapped-out cars a car with
slightly odd wheels wonderful green taxis yellow buses very san Luis one
thing I haven’t mentioned for a very long time is I really miss driving I am
the best car driver on the planet I can’t ride a
bike cut it all off straight away the cars are my forte it’s that beast back
there love to go for a driving now might get a car somehow there’s some put in
the future I do have an international driving license as well as a UK driver’s
license so watch out for that look at that beast I have no idea what car it is
or make manufacturer I just like driving and red shiny what more could you ask
for well there’s a dollar sign in the window
is it for sale I would totally buy that if I had the money so I’m back at the centro de las Artes
yes art this amazing building that looks
like a you know castle or something that was in the last video but with this time
I’m going to go inside so art yes this is a art place Leonora Carrington was an
artist and I think it’s obvious with previous videos art is one subject I
pretty much know sod all about so as a child I was the talented musician
whereas my two sisters were fantastic artists I obviously missed out on the
art genes in the family and Leonar account and I’m extremely familiar with
her because of my time in Mexico City she was an English artist born in
England in the early nineteen hundred’s and she had quite an interesting life so
during the Second World War she was in France she had a German
boyfriend or something and who then got arrested she ended up in a mental asylum
and ended up escaping to Mexico so pretty much we have a lot in common and
she was a surrealist artist so one thing about Mexico which I didn’t realize
before I came to Mexico was how much art is part of culture and history here so
Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera Edward James and other surrealist artists from the UK
the put together the garden in Xilitla which you can check out in a video up
above but this up here is what I was looking for pretty much so there’s like
a viewpoint where you can see that bizarre structure yeah so it’s a big
part of the culture I actually find it quite interesting it’s developed in me
since I first got to Mexico I you know I I was like whatever but now it’s quite
fascinating especially something like surrealism because it’s just completely
bonkers and crazy pretty much like me so it’s kept inside I was told this
place was free on Sunday all museums are free but obviously I come on the day
that it isn’t typical however it’s only 50 pesos open 10:00 to 6:00 last
admission and 5:30 museo leonora carrington right fast forward a little bit in the
future I have a visitor’s badge on because I’ve been in and out can’t film
as expected because of copyright issues that’s okay don’t panic I took lots of
photos brilliant so this museum isn’t just Leonor
Carrington there’s other art from the US or Mexico but the main focus is dinner
accounted okay and the reason it’s like a fortified castle of some kind is
because I believe it was an old jail or prison or penitentiary because each of
the particular than in our account a bit it looks like you know old jail cells
and there’s even a bit that shows what it was like when it was a jail and I’ve
got to say the thing about this art you know like as I’m not an expert but but
the thing I particularly liked it was the sculpture aspect of it and it it’s
creepy it’s thoroughly bizarre that’s the best way I can describe it because
you’ve got almost the word I would use would be chimera so there are you know
these these pieces of art are very much an amalgamation of two different species
in a way in a slightly odd way so there’s one called the hug which is
really odd it’s like this it almost looks like the alien out of Independence
Day with its hands out hugging you and there’s also a really bizarre one an
elephant stroke you know it’s got human hands and human feet really
odd so a bit like you know the horse and the man is that mine at all I can’t
remember is probably wrong but yeah chimera is the word and this might sound
odd but you know I mentioned Independence Day and actually that one
behind me it looks like the alien out of Independence Day strangely but also
there was an element of Star Wars in it you know when Harrison Ford Han Solo got
like frozen in the stone it feels like a lot of the sculptures are a bit like
that like some sort of animal in pain reaching out thoroughly odd thoroughly
bizarre so yeah 50 pesos boom leonora carrington I just realized I’ve been
saying Leonara Carrington for this entire video – Leonora Carrington.
Bummer!, but unfortunately I’m not capable of time travel yet so you just have to
live with it and back in barrio San Sebastian on the not Bandstand not
gazebo kiosko oh thank you to whoever it was that told me that brilliant and
absolute laws have walked all this way with this visitor badge on my leg
fantastic so this video it’s not over yet huns it’s time to talk about
YouTube burnout now this might be a bit of a stretch in terms of linking
Leonora Carrington to YouTube burning up but in terms of chimera
essentially we are all chimeras especially in terms of YouTube so we can
either go from being someone that’s highly motivated almost bordering on
manic you know throwing videos out left right and center as much as possible and
then we could be someone that would rather turn off social media and live
bed watching cat videos which is kind of what happened in Mexico City the
secret’s out and this concept of burnout you know youtubers talk about this a lot
lately it’s very much trending and all that so I thought I would give my take
however I’ve kind of got two views on it as always
so the concept of burnout you know it’s not specific to YouTube everyone burns
out in whatever job you do I’m sure that’s the case it definitely will so
many when I was in the UK you know doing 15 hour days traveling from west to east
London on the tube every day it was horrendous and we can get to a point
where you are so exhausted and destroyed and the problem is you don’t realize the
problem is you don’t realise that it’s happening and that’s definitely the case
with YouTube so on the flip side YouTube burnout is a thing and I’ve definitely
experienced that many times and right now I am exhausted right now I’ve
uploaded I think five videos in the last week and it’s been horrendous because
you know I you’ve gotta remember I also teach English 25 to 30 hours a week and
YouTube as well my working day is around 15 hours or 15 hours a day I get about 4
hours sleep and I’m shattered and I guess the the point with this if you are
a youtuber or thinking about doing it it’s not easy you know and you have this
pressure of the YouTube algorithm says that you need to upload every day
yeah that might be the case if you want YouTube to recommend your videos which
is exactly the reason why many youtubers out there explode on YouTube because
they do upload everyday and the algorithm recognizes that and could I do
that you know yes I could I could get up every morning and just do a low quality
video where I just walk down the street talking to the camera that requires no
skill creative power or editing prowess yeah I could do that but do I want to
know because I would rather have videos that are higher quality so if you are a
youtuber or think about doing it don’t think that you need to do what everyone
else does and there’s a fine balance between you know throwing content now
and looking after your own physical and mental health yesterday I forgot to eat
until 10:00 p.m. it’s ridiculous because you just don’t even think of eating
you’re just so snowed under with work so don’t think it’s bad you know you want
to take a week off you know the viewers will still be there a week later and I
think YouTube viewers at least you guys not all YouTube viewers are intelligent
enough to realize that I’m also a human I’m not a robot well that would be great
though I would love to be a robot it’ll make things a lot easier and yeah that’s
my thoughts on YouTube burnout it happens but just be careful and be
conscious of it and on the subject of forgetting to eat and feeling dizzy and
like I’m gonna pass out into oblivion it’s time to eat food necesito comida
mexicana probablemente enchiladas of some kind YUM so quickly here’s the food Cecina – 2
enchiladas huastecas, frijoles in the middle with cheese on the top a bit of
salad tomato and a little pot thing and some kind of white sauce and don’t
recognize, music is playing, let’s eat today in San Luis is over another day of
talking another day of eating slightly average food those enchiladas weren’t
the best and also pretending to be interested in art although you know
that’s what you’re gonna go this channel I’m not gonna bullshit yeah I’m gonna
tell the truth if you like that kind of youtuber don’t forget to subscribe like
and comment what do you think about YouTube burnout what do you think about
the food I’ve had in this video what do you think of San Luis then you know in
the comments and our reply momentary thanks for watching I’ll see you next
time from San Luis, I’ll catch you later


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