100 thoughts on “(羊羔毛斗篷)Weaving a Cloack with Fluffy and Soft Lambswool, Never Dread Winter Anymore|Liziqi Channel

  1. She is the Martha Stewart of China! Amazing and aspirational for an idyllic, country life. Of course it's completely unrealistic but I can dream for few minutes… It takes a production crew to produce these rather wonderful propaganda videos.

  2. I'm not sure what this is ? A short film, real life, made beautiful? How is the cinematography so well done? Will she keep the lamb? This must be hard work and a harsh life but made to look so serene…

  3. All I need is to spend one winter with her making a cloak like that from start to finish and I'd be completely healed. What joy and satisfaction I would get from hanging the finished piece in my closet then turning out the lights for a good night's sleep…

  4. ammay Ratnam vadukutuntey Naku mana jatipita Gandhiji Garu gurtocharu, chala mandiki teliyadu mana battalu Ela tyaravutayo so vedio chusi Baddakam unnavallu evarina untey konchem ina nerchukovachu ,

  5. Okay this is interesting.. but having lived on a farm without plumbing and wood heat..

    The manicure on this woman would be gone almost instantly, her clothing would be spotted from dye, her hair would be kept bound and the night club make up would sit in a drawer..

    Pretty work though.. but fantasy preparation sequence..

  6. A lot of skills and talent. 😭 she's so amazing. But what amazes me the most is her eating skills but not gaining weight. How was that? 🤔

  7. Who put a thumbs down here? Why? I am a new subscriber, thank you people of these mountains for bringing beauty back into the world.

  8. such a beautiful way of making an exceptional garment. the ages old techniques are so pleasing and watching the animals watch was heart warming

  9. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, She is ultra pretty. From the amazing skin to the beautiful hair and slim figure and talents. Fuck, i'm won over 😀 Now if only i can win her over… Probably not.

  10. Current price of cape: $20,000. If this young woman was the one who sold it with a smile and a look into the eyes of the customers after showing the video, I don't think there's a man alive who wouldn't fight to buy the cape. They'd probably start a BID.

  11. Man! Did you see how methodic her arm movement was as she wrapped that yarn? (@3:18)It looked as if she is trained in jujitsu!!!😍

  12. I wonder what she put in the water after she dyed the wool. That powder stuff, my first guess is Lye or maybe salt but I'm not too sure.

  13. How am I able to receive and purchase a garment such as this ? ai am really looking for a sweater 1 or 2. Please get back to e. Thank you in advance *

  14. The baby goat is adorable, but I do feel kinda bad that he separated from his mother at such a tender age. Otherwise, this is such a pleasant, soothing, and visually stunning video.

  15. 😂 Doesn't she make it look absolutely effortless!! I would have one arm at the ear and another around the waste, like the hunchback cloke, no offense to hunchbacks, but that's not how I'm built lol

  16. Removing the lamb from mothers milk is not a good idea.

    Who shears in winter?

    Those pups also needs to suckled for longer..

    To close for the animals to the fire –

    Not animal friendly

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