【ShiroNeko】 FULL Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Ending – Unlasting / LiSA (Cover)

【ShiroNeko】 FULL Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Ending – Unlasting / LiSA (Cover)

I’m fine even if I’m all alone but these heavy feelings are overflowing I still remember the old bright days together but it makes me so sad If I’ll have to live alone I’ll not love anyone else Your scent The way you speak I can still feel the fragments of your love all over my body My wish is to… My only wish is… that you are crying somewhere too. The new steps I take are always so heavy and lonely If I ever born again, I want to meet you again. Sunshine in midsummer then white snow in midwinter During the rolling seasons, pieces of love fall down I am happy but somehow lonely too… It’s because my love is bigger than you The key still is in your hands You left the this canary, who lost the meaning of singing in the dark birdcage Your scent Your way of speaking I can still feel the fragments of your love all over my body My wish is… My only wish is… that you are happy somewhere. Unlasting love The course of love From everything, think of you (everything reminds me of you)

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  1. LiSA is unbelievable. This new song is perfection. I love it, so emotional and beautiful. ♡ ಥ-ಥ Instantly became one of my favorite songs. Turn on CC to understand. I hope you enjoy my version of it. Thanks for watching. Oh and make sure to follow me on Instagram! I always post what I am currently working on and sometimes held Q&A in stories. ^^ https://www.instagram.com/its.shironeko/ Also, if you share my covers in your stories and you tag me I'll share your story or post in my story. ♡

  2. This song one of those slow songs I enjoy much like My Dearest from Guilty Crown. I still haven't watched SAO:Alicization yet but I've been meaning too. The editing in your videos are so good Eszter and can't wait to see how much you improve in a years time. As always have a great day and rest well Eszter. ❤️💃🎃

  3. This is such a beautiful song. I don’t know how but this reminded me of her song “Crossing Field” from the first season of SAO. You’ve done an excellent job on this song. 😊

  4. É impossível ouvir essa música toda sem derramar uma lágrima de emoção.
    No mínimo você fica emocionado.

    Provavelmente melhor ENDING do ano.
    Ja é na minha opinião.

  5. Well, what can I tell ya my little Queen Neko? I'm with goosebumps, and haven't words to express what I just heard and watch…

    It's not only the high and vibratos, but the interpretation with which you manage to convey the sadness of the song, everything great… it's a difficult song but you did it. 👏👏👏

    Is just beautiful…💓 and not only the cover.

  6. Esta canción es muy emocional 😭 el mejor ending de esta temporada. Ya estaba esperando tu interpretación.
    Excelente Saludos desde México.
    PD Gracias por los CC en inglés.

  7. No llegué a tiempo pero dejo mi comentario 😅 Espero que sigas creciendo. Tu voz es muy hermosa, me encanta escucharte. Feliz Halloween 🎃

  8. Wow this is so amazing Senpai I got goosebumps ∑(O_O;) ,, You're so great
    You're pretty and have a beautiful voice , what a perfect package (❤ω❤)

  9. Ni siquiera veo el anime, pero que hermosa canción, Lisa es una genia…y preciosa interpretación como siempre! Sos lo más Shino <3

  10. Ya vi la mayoría de tus covers y son muy hermosos felicidades❤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 tienes hermosa💫💕 voz ya tienes una nueva fan yo uwu🇲🇽💯👌🏻👏🏻💕

  11. I from Japan.she is very beautiful voice. I like her❤️


  12. This song is gentle and calm, but ShiroNeko sang powerfully and at first glance I thought that the way of singing was inconsistent with the song, but this contradiction was rather cool.

  13. A day ago I thought, It would be so amazing if you would cover Unlasting, and I can't describe how happy I was when I saw Unlasting cover on YouTube home page 🙂

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