【ENG SUB】「Nail Foils Series」Romantic Purple Lace Nail Art Design「美甲转印纸系列」梦幻紫色蕾丝美甲丨Pat’s Nail

【ENG SUB】「Nail Foils Series」Romantic Purple Lace Nail Art Design「美甲转印纸系列」梦幻紫色蕾丝美甲丨Pat’s Nail

Hello everyone, this is Patricia, welcome back to my channel Today‘s video is the third episode of “Nail Foils Series”: Romantic Purple Lace Nail Art Design I posted pictures on Ins earlier, but haven’t gotten chance to film it till now Recently, some cuties commented that they’d like to see a tutorial for purple nail art, so I made the video Let’s get started! First, apply base gel Apply PINNI「Egg White」to your index, middle and ring finger Apply PINNI「Misty Rain」to your little finger and thumb Do two layers to each nail except for index and ring finger Take a piece of lace foil you like Cut it into small pieces that fit your nail size for later use Apply sticker gel to your index finger, cure it Then stick the nail foil you just cut onto it Press it from the center to around using silicon tool After the image is transferred, the plastic paper will separate naturally Now peel it off Dip some white gel with stripping gel brush, draw line along the edge Apply one layer of PINNI「Egg White」to neutralize the white line Use nail accessories cutter to cut a proper size of white metal chain that fits your middle finger Dip the metal chain with rhinestone glue gel, place it around your middle finger Adjust the position, cure it Apply one layer of structure gel to seal the accessory well Apply one layer of matte gel topcoat Make sure not to stack the topcoat gel on the inside of the metal chain Apply no-wipe rhinestone glue gel to your nail anywhere you like Then stick one big, one small, two rhinestones Some of you may ask what「no-wipe rhinestone glue gel」is 「no-wipe rhinestone glue gel」is a type of glue gel that does not leave any sticky residual on nails After all nails are done, apply matte gel topcoat to them except for middle finger And we are all set! I think this one is very ladylike
It suits perfectly for a bride, don’t you think? Please tell me your thoughts in the comments! This is the end of today’s video!
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12 thoughts on “【ENG SUB】「Nail Foils Series」Romantic Purple Lace Nail Art Design「美甲转印纸系列」梦幻紫色蕾丝美甲丨Pat’s Nail

  1. Awesome as always and decent and pure. U are right it will suit on the bride as well. Ur work is always pure and neat. Keep going u are doing g8

  2. 好看,喜欢你的每一个创意,希望你能出一期介绍颜色的,比如哪些颜色可以显白,我总是买到看起来很好看的颜色,可是一上手就感觉手又黑又短,经常踩雷,希望可以有一期帮助黄皮的手排雷的视频,谢谢啦!

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