☆ HOW TO FIND YOUR ART STYLE?? || 5 Easy Steps! ☆

☆ HOW TO FIND YOUR ART STYLE?? || 5 Easy Steps! ☆

hey guys complement welcome back again to my channel so you might be thinking hey you're wearing the same outfit I see where last week and you're sitting in the same spot if you're watching this right now I'm at Otakon in Washington DC so I'm not around right now this is future me well this is past me – future me anyway this is a topic that I have gotten a lot of requests for and that is how to find your art style there's a lot of questions surrounding it so I will get into all of that in today's video and let's just get right into it all right so before I begin today's video topic I just want to let you guys know a little bit about what I'm drawing in today's video as I do my voiceover this is a piece of artwork that I did very recently in my iPad on procreate and it actually came to me from when I was very artblock didn't know what to draw when on social media browsed around a bit it's all a lot of pictures of plants so I kind of looked at more plants after that because I was drawn toward it and I settled on the theme of mushrooms and fairies and I wanted to make a little mushroom grotto with a fairy in the middle and just kind of add a bunch of details to that the main thing for me with this piece of artwork was to practice backgrounds a little bit more and different effects and environments so that was my goal here and I'm pretty happy with the way the piece turned out overall so as you watch this video I hope you enjoy the drawing and I also hope that the tips I'm about to give help you in some way that is how to you find your style but before I go into that I'm just going to give a quick disclaimer that finding your style is definitely not something that is you necessarily need to do sometimes it just happens over time so don't and it's not something you should put a ton of pressure on and a lot of people also say and make the comment that you can't copyright of style which no you can't copyright a style but you definitely don't want to just right copy somebody because in general it just feels a little bit less genuine at least in my opinion it feels a little bit more like you know you copy everything somebody else does it doesn't feel as unique to yourself you know you're always gonna look like you can draw whatever way you want totally but it's this is about finding your own style so I'm not really going to touch on like copying other people's styles / artworks I'm not going to go into any of that so just wanted to give those two quick notes before I begin really talking about all of this but first you know what is style it's not just the eyes for vini in general when when I used to think about style I always think okay the art style comes from the eyes and I mean maybe that's just a mean thing but that was something I always thought back in the day and I've realized over time that it does not come just from that it can come from pretty much any way that a person draws specific things whether it is you know the thickness of the lines that they use or the ways that they color things or you know what might whatever it may be maybe they have really curvy bodies that they draw with like really springy lines or they use very rigid lines it could be anything so not limited just in the face but I just wanted to point that out because you know it a lot of people will narrow it down to like one or two things but style can really encompass anything about a way a person draws so I'm gonna break these into five tips but I mean it's really one big conversation but this is just to make it a little bit easier to understand so tip number one where to start is to find what you like to draw for me you guys know I love drawing people I like mainly drawing girls and it can be any you know variety of things cute things animal things cool things whatever whatever topic I'm feeling like drawing at the time is what I'll draw but you know you could you know gravitate toward anything might be animals might be scenery my landscapes might be people might be combination of everything so figure out what you like to draw because that is definitely a good place to start and it doesn't need to just be about the subject of what you're drawing you can also be about the types of things that you put into your artwork where the themes that you tend to draw around whether it's like really a lot of pops of color or really pastel type drawings or you like really cutesy drawings you know you might want to focus on stuff like that so figure out what you like to draw and that is a really good place to start when honing your skill and figuring out where you should go from there which leads me into tip number two which is practice drawing from life while learning from other people and other artists is a good place to start sometimes like different post tutorials and things like that or how to do certain things in design skills definitely don't forget about drawing from life you know whether it's finding a bunch of reference pictures of people online or in real life taking photos of different things drawing from life will give you the proportions of things in the real world and then you can take those proportions or you can take those that basic knowledge and understanding of the way that the world looks or the way that the world works and moves and then turn it into something a little bit more your own put your own spin on it if that makes sense a lot of people have the misconception that if somebody's drawing something completely anatomically incorrectly for example super unproportional and all that you can tell that this is not the way a person's body bends or moves or this is not where things go you know rarely it's a stylistic choice but a lot of people will say you know it it's that it's their style but at the same time it's very very very common or very possible to have an art style and have it be extremely stylized you look at a lot of different cartoons and things like that or different anime characters and stuff and it's very very common to have a super stylized character but they're still proportionate the way a person is drawn you know not just people but other things in general but having a style doesn't excuse you from drawing incorrectly necessarily and that's not to say people can't draw how they want this is not to start a debate on that but you know it's always important to learn the base and things like that from drawing for life and everything and then taking that understanding and knowledge of anatomy or whatever it might be and turning it into your own thing putting your own twist on it number three is find the things that you want to focus on within your artwork or find things that you would like to improve so for example for me over the years I my style has changed a lot as I've grown as an artist and as I've figured out how I like to draw certain things I've changed certain things and ditched certain things I didn't like whether it be you know the old way I used to draw faces or maybe the way I used to draw bodies and legs and things like that didn't look as anatomically correct and I didn't like it I would scrap that and I would try to focus on you know that I'm gonna learn how to draw the curves of a girl's legs today because you know that they're not just sticks that go straight down they have curves to them and you have to know how they look from different angles for example and so I would focus on that figure out how it's drawn look at a bunch of tutorials or pictures of people and then I can stylize it based on how I like to draw it but still having that understanding of the anatomy of it or how it works you know all of these tips I'm giving they all work it and play into each other so you might hear me reiterate them sometimes as I'm going on but definitely find things about your artwork or things that you're drawing that you feel like you want to improve and as you go you'll figure out what you do like to draw or how you like to draw and how you don't like to draw it and it'll start to morph into something that is unique to you and the way you like to do it so that's definitely another big one on how to really hone your craft and figure out how you like to draw it making your style unique tip number four might be something that's straightforward if people can look at your artwork basically and say hey that's so-and-so does work they know just by looking at it I think that's a pretty good sign that you're going somewhere here artwork or your style you've got you made some progress you've been drawing for a while and now people are seeing a consistency in the way that you draw that consistency that's to you is very much your style so the recognizability is definitely I guess a milestone when you're drawing say hey like I noticed this as your art style or as your artwork that's a good sign and tip number five is I guess in my mind a most important one which is take your time there is no rush on this whole thing a lot of people worry about having their own art style or they worry hey I draw you know this way but I'm afraid it's too similar to this person so I'm afraid that people don't know it's mine there's no pressure there's no rush it'll happen over time I've been drawing for a very long time now over 10 to 15 years on practicing people and things like that I mean very casually at first but then I realized that I really liked drawing people and wanted to keep practicing it and it's been a slow improvement but definitely I've seen a lot of improvement in my work and over time I've figured out what I do like to draw and how I like to draw it and how I don't and it's come to where I am now and I definitely do think I still have improving and things I want to work on obviously there's things I want to learn how to draw I also have certain ways that I draw now that you know I'm not extremely happy with I want to change a little bit and there's nothing stopping me from doing that I can practice tweaking them a little and figuring out how it makes me feel comfortable to draw I really think that's the main takeaway from this whole thing is like when you find your style you'll know because it is comfortable to you it'll feel like you're not constantly looking at how somebody else would do it you're looking at how you would do it when you sit down naturally to draw how is it that you're gonna do it when you put your pencil down to the paper Styles can always change over time they don't last the same way forever because artists are always improving as long as you're practicing and so that's why there's no rush for this and it will come naturally with practice so I hope all five of my tips and my conversation throughout all of this is helpful to you guys in some way definitely let me know in the it's below there's any other things that I that I didn't touch on that maybe you have some questions about or if you're confused about the way I said certain things I know I said a lot of words and this is like a 12-minute voiceover as I look down at my recording software so definitely definitely comment below and let me know if you have any questions on what I said again style is a touchy subject sometimes and I'm not trying to start controversy this is just my two cents in how I look at it everybody is entitled to their own opinion and if this is helpful to you definitely let me know so now on to my final thoughts anyway thank you guys for watching today's video I hope my tips were helpful to you in some way and if you have any more questions or any comments on some of the tips that I gave definitely write them in the comment section below I'll try to answer as many as I can or if you see an answer or a question down there that you want uploaded or you also have the same answer slash question – definitely upload it so that you know other people can see it and I can see it more easily and answer that question more easily anyway as always all my links are in description box below a link to my online shop where you can find all my pins prints charms all that stuff also the link to my Instagram where you can follow me to see all of my day-to-day artwork and things that I don't always post here on the channel anyway I hope you guys all have an amazing weekend I hope you enjoyed today's video and I will see you all next week have a beautiful day bye bye

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