१ वर्ष संगै बसेर छोड्यो पापीले    Masti talk time   with artist Gurash Tamang

१ वर्ष संगै बसेर छोड्यो पापीले Masti talk time with artist Gurash Tamang

rather min sook Mahavira Namaskar julissa media Commons tea talk time a table hardik swag go to the bathroom or a sake got a new jockey sousou-dono by cosa as a Muslim or encircle a car that have moral goodness taman negara commercials goodness Taman Negara medic in under titicaca John Sakata Besson whoa okay okay be sick guys we're gonna keep be ski occasions any man should be citizens about yo man check guys what's on oh boy Tiger got me got me regard seen lately I've seen dude about a car now Coco t-ball said that what's always a good start but sorry on wrong what born about her mind upon I gotta sign it didn't really write know what I need the polenta sister go quiz commands are passed for a good sir that man spotted a carnival in a park in turn over they don't sandy go girl man they state owns an account go home I wanna go costume late though costumes are gonna Portugal any quick up on the phone Dana I know I wanna get off the topic gamma by any parts to the warning good here an important a pine I'm ok I'm on a bag right only bagger I wish it upon by the key no bag around we get come on Tommy Oh Phyllis at ER go Elena oh that is not the big art a dog okay I'm poor the poor little bugger Rocco Kathmandu that's it poor num1 Laguna boy Lestat here cuckoo wrasse in the porno Monica Hammond oh my stone so stone so funny when you can have a new bag you like us at the Arizona gallstones are one is ideally condiment diggity many pint size to store near Kentucky yes toes to God and Giovanni minds even a kickin oh my god he finds out plain binder on your JD kind of Mines yes may I know my boy yeah yeah go girl mystery boss no for Sakina was nice three vodka in diameter girl Rocco come go to the cabin yeah I flew one has a steam so one think it's a theory and tu eres a TR something I gotta go see my boss Murakawa know to keep our vision but I will keep for upon work for a third this tape I know the guy wanted to look upon Nicaragua head you could a pasar por hora I know I was the one en de Arte de Bordeaux me Porter per day school Soriano Bo Watson will keep on Newport up or that's what around give my partner 109 no Cora Al Gore upon the birth you Anna MAHT see Ali versus a majority gonna work ordered lee teuk my Bagheera car gonna head across the border gonna do you know what's a guardian Khmer motto by Bagheera Kahuna know that's it goes on about here on over okay sorry sang America Sarabhai Danny terrain that's earlier yes for good stories on a baguette an avoider I knew I would like headaches doppelganger Catherine Yoma Kippur de novo hoc way later on this year that overcome the D read Romans just like your damn disaster lag you go go around the honey honey carbonara / yellow rat can't go sorry Peyton book oh sorry boss novo caramelize it man chief aquatic Upolu rotting and Gary Mooney patty mando go put him up on him bass not any sort of me cortical beat Sakina I was just a mere opinion in the gimmick macaron on the polarity when a party my boss – Axew I know our garrison the Kahuna I chose you to China Ghana bhavnagar car Kate Hanover I need you forever anyone's a oh sorry oh sorry Boston Bob oiler hot oiler rap gotta make was secure Costco cut hammer did he get go time I was sicker did he go cauterizer I'll see I'm gonna give out Noah wonderful this was a mighty dick Oklahoma gossamer-thin Germans our team unemployed or at Kahuna eros what the hell got a mineral eyeliner nice still lagging no oh god could see a delineator co2 harmonica varlets whatever the buyer eyes open about the cop tomcat wonder what's in the last i wonder like a problem deliberately halfway definitely still there that's was sitting on the honey wagon Honeywell and the tomato Kahuna is the Pushkin Minako Aino polio so T key camper new pilots Eddie Moton Mechanica what row to load along gang got no one knew that tilma one and a half Neiman satellite the corner you can burn mortal or tilma testy the retake I'm gonna portent you can asana one Oni honey I command Saladin only donatus to do quadratic or Delma the teens are Arella Lord allotted interactive logon kick it bite it off your does not play literally having at a time when my point of camera got home I saw a bounty mama kidney gnomes I saw it won't take a moment I mean the shield so much happily Jerry's area T that's right tool order like I'm one was a caught up did you didn't foster did a part of their didn't even a matter that they didn't take away the tears on my hidden this idea of fascism EDD just like a boiler to the top pound a pound ahead costal a way let's sort it all up on Danny DeVito and let body weight I found what I did wonder that passes I that phone over she got no poison up what you pull r it again I'm gonna place that my pardon my foot Salina relay McCormick or Hideko gamma-gamma bipartisan family Cuban what sadly per second are problem my lip come out a part of one moment ago abalone until Gorman to cover it no more 790 manatee nagamma money and I so kicked for ice for did I might think I'm worried about Savanti quality Gallagher dear unknown again mmm wacko Darla city versa Megara see going must've onion garlic oil a chemist a Baroness energy or CUDA hottie hottie who know that we must don't you hate topic at zindagi kastanka core are popping gone syndulla DN a– syndulla de Karen we're economist open and akira to loot Olegario Rida Carolina and jagged carob pods ha ha ha Rebecca no magic here saruba e man she codes in the kike Qatar wounds and better owns and the hey you Callie were aliens and goodness Taman shud open a likkle a carrot a map in Hunan China the wicked zindagi kokoro no mama yeah trois Luba hey Kiera Doyle is Emotiv EPOC Nadira Corrado K 1 st r yes Tiffany costo de Rama Sita beaten Elena what's he gonna consecutive indeed passenger reports on Okinawa hours out was in dilemma le guys were so new boy Anna Vissi guys miss occasion wanna boy physics Anna pilot here I let this arena yeah you give mangy jean-denis Martinez on ER Pilate only no more you do this they won't know put it on a big order is anyway look I got a marine entire Molly I know big or you only on this vision didn't to tell you know Gordon get Qatari ret rambling just to mention unser get this hog abacus under a saloon Anza keynote I get a lyric in short Amanda students a new school for family over anything and I've not that i know your kids at much more time and in budget rebound yada kita I meet a man cheat on Jacques need only had a topic need on I know Oh Nikita oil additive Margaret Amman with Tim O'Reilly time and money Medina boiler hottie patottie only positive give attack Obama no Wayne and daddy are love Beyonce ship only money elusion he are Monty Bonneville Etobicoke Burleson novo so they go on Cobra a Masonic Walter I'm mr. Bullen nothing I could wanna mirepoix meeting so embrace it the volunteer orcas are you cut Abbas about diversity my mom and I are ketotic here and yeah so much it's a gerund I know did the way else in your man chili optimal cat is a chic hostile Morioka I'm Angela put at full garage Allah to Lauren and Donna that's why one about it Katya Basel opera Tito the worst of the hill of were young tickety when is his chance enjoy the Ponderosa Darwin was such a llama pollen that were sayin earn me some like was secrecy it versus a tizzy yet what's up or down Sami pasta this one episode he should not secure I'm not so keen even a song like was basta was to be guarded or cook a toboggan log and yes I'm at baccarat della I know the segment Vivaro grasp among cool operate so diverse ama Annie la policia check what song it was no relation my hotel room impossible but she went oh boy friendly Orca cotillion neva allocated some big or no hablo por la guerra bigger no Bucky mogera maggoty be a good kid does Italian reg Allah this one the peseta topple a quick a tally propose very Hannah this buddy gorebyss Ahmad the world as it were dynamo double our reactor written in Watson it's always a nice tells us the likes of my estate world in the profits Gordon more costly hinge upon the time what is it daddy me he'll go to the engine Oh as your tourism day he goes its owner what's unis ox our land watching the cookie given is our town never use autopilot EK bonacic has the monopod okay buddy have to like answer more important Akita wanna cook cassette is to do cave at the rules of it another stir not someone poured in arena or tell buddy go you were hot news states however I scandals huh hundred shapira's was our nikasil papakainga dasa that's my ID done so Michael why do boys and I'm a day cook a lot tonight the disaster luck sir I mean do be Jenna why do big or know something boss nobody was highly buckles how kids got no Matt so please get some uh pony página top money that I so got mnemonic was a song about it too much forever God carries on gonna double the police case big diversified when you go to Purina Paulina the Custis a deal a fuzzy laminate certain energy carry ons energy dog around China our athlean I gotta come and see song aversive of a saucy live on nobody me do you oh no I need of my name are in Des Moines it is too early I don't come my work being in I'm gonna could help us no no positively my mind the tear on high cause of water I didn't want bigger anti-monitor top me some contacts I know when I call liquid formula known some of on Risa Gordon you know Conti what's a Dilma Mauricio gardener hi I did what no one like they know my son the rainy wanna keep anyone demonic SES panic on 1 October Lara ones on what opening Runa volunteer array Co certain wage to the warden milena machi Reddy hamanaka Pachi Pachi Kabir where a bear got on sorrow population about knowledge our history list and my boss Tina obvious you to be a gurney see they do anything you read listen Mona was me oh yes don't know but in the booty but loud as a man July day listen my boss Tony and to play dodge by DD winner Angelica Bonanza well I did know was no history boss know they know boss was known so you know well in theory the he could socket something so yeah after new porreco Barrera sometimes you are like Molly my girls oh my god so my noggin when it's all them girls Santa some way but is less than my boss until some am I gonna get hardly and this what you see suit Sergei one summa of a man known Linda Marisa theory cultivate this the order was not a honey guitar is a gallopin de guitarra vocality 104 in the kitty early my so on it was knowns and the middle my outrage some or some you know they know what's no they no one no I've no Monda suits on the kitty months ago okay time and see over exam someone posting on the song it wasn't a guard my booty with over theta by the song I'm gonna stock supernova kitty kitty some number say hakuna order some nobleman top money till Papa grill back about savita's was that Azula top equivalent Oh still padiddle it a Tagore no cosigner Tina got new ticket even the congee Gordon on day one the body one given the body Gotti you gonna do ot Tony I couldn't pass for someone do you were still up for it a big or neva Karina different I wanna get a look at me look nice all when it wasn't winder overloading in Java I've made an Lena cozy wozy cinematically nah cause it wasn't this which maligore not gonna top or any or I know yattawan the way she'll bar any monetary whenever sunny they think Halliburton Dei why I went again this divine oh did he hear us under heaven Serena Oh welcome Ellen Nissan Murano today noona Oh Tommy they were on the stage of the Luxor me lunch exhauster Lok Sabha seat but the Devorah would notice the Luxor top I didn t just like turkey today by Dionne they just like I would eat on you know Paula be very shocked no Vienna it occurs in the gimmicky her directed behavior equity voice okay no Amelia was your son how easily this turnover estas the Luxor some ways mili reverse any way lack of stubborn burn on the house phone just Alexa song it was a dumb dopey little cylinder kids manicure too lucrative Italian women now a kiss by dr. Mantlo divorce gotta buy release European capacitor that's this man she was in the gauge just any when it's also know my pretty pony – you know parts are you Miami need to kill each other no I wanna go it was only relation about LM I understand still nobody bitch I will the money me repeated one in the topic bechara mile upon a cure my love wanna go dating my command next I know my wanna go what's Gorgonio cementum I'm gonna my I wanna go did a pro calculon's Andaman Sea limb a quick my Gordo party song anyone sign a quick of my orthotic su t no Nissan Sunny shoot in Aruba like a Miami nigga not ego to weaken our oh oh my god let go you doing our allah tala by any guru mantra with me that's what I do but it's when the position breaking are WA the mean to the poor summer lovin words for a soft repose at you Larry listen um was navona mmm it was that this song it was blue over Omaha zindagi pasado come on what do vision Lena yet aquatic waiting Katie Cooper circuit Alec honey category circuit Alec honey duniya Katie honey dunya bar on the Nina stop ever give up I'm not a still I know I've no kamae about life awesome I've I've got America me Muffy honey my cocoa me happy honey I'm not a stove oil one in America know why noble animal I didn't hear well it could've been worse a gripping hand kind of anomaly over Canada nominee is the one but naumann let's is the Hanover cuz I know I would taste a wonderful day i mean- Ramallah Cara grandmas who must he talked I'm mad Lisa media chemistry talk time akunis time announcer our top Nicola Kodama I shot nomads colocar no but some more alone what short answer for non Serena colocar oh no more alone of life so Jill oh right saucy Louis I know and Garren's on the force was named for 30 Gary so guru Dominica upon their kids Oh godoh up here as a curator got off tarragon never tasted only Bonnie gogetthekey find in under model one onin model one honey Monica Vitti Kate found in Oh Oh Dylan didn't and it's gonna vary on this response and how do you call a kite the modeling man colic item Liza Kiki governor bus monitor just dance God knows it away what's it dance Cornelius classic New Orleans gonna dance – sick again a physic ago I put a paragraph I owe you know oh Dan Scott like helium angeli-tiki alone Bonita tetani the resistor it's a Tijuana Mercer Anakin why didn't you dance got it up Anita he meant your tacos chicken were forgettin Kamaka Samina future pani poni goes and eats Atsuko see her open acquiesce and when I'm angry I feel a cool nice tan Mecosta Moroccan bazaar your dance by that much agrees to help dance katsu esto algo de dancer or topic good for same akiza Oh Mira so semantics in this there they still just Hamlet Dan's gonna hop on the Rambo ug lagna dance a Nepali you know but you modern bay crystal halberd classical dancer honey China co-students a double spaced locked Milania panty nipple dance best laksa I mean dance got diamonds in it Robert you danced at the Union Elena Kakinada total agony Alec who leaked a copper dialogue oniy a kottapeta whatever logic okay no logic Oh Connie just opening a command Geraldine Serena II noticed all the guitars are gonna get renewed his own joke of that sort of loud ones I look at this guitar I look at this go get other soon as dumb animal I ever do that oh Vanessa knows so no matter only listening you keep peace habla you got it yeah / of doo-dah reason except and got it off your negativities kosuna mother sunikhosa costa laxative la caridad sir tick tick anomaly like senate piss applies you got it rockin the para Darwinism just the typical stuff that the typicals of the relatives of the early metric a look at the meaning changing a little meaning laga causes – subdiver got to play get Orson table past Alexa I lead a regular the Sunni Haines annoying a guru no holiday Sunni does this school the only letís go echo serum relaxer gyro sound good – honey some bad water Bosnia do to that of elephant Logan Watson Mindy log on Nina Yukino be Herrera was so early someone was supposed to go sign us alma mater this Massimo if it was happening for Selena what this motive was to someone watching my Boston Mindy Logan was at at mckeil oh no someone named alone of all sorry this diner I'm in the line Monique Evans live on each other once any minute alone of course Estolano forces on mom unknown sent a word like her one not a given demanded an apology but paler than a pound pony ones an yeah I know oh yeah I get ones unwanted wanna go potty ladder become only given that hip mainly no like a window enter mr. Kim teaspoons home on little luck they know its own muscle oh no poor souls are still every Monday likes alone of our salon teez outage it is matter brother one on it of its whatever by gamma bonds about what could I gain at me like yeah so whatever got when I'm at the button name my god show me with that China MA boertie was sick of a nigga is spelt in war zones economic Donna was it for the gala this Stila Leste okay are you sorry to Bosnia Bosnia hobby with a grammar nice what's gonna matter whenever much hobby was upon him and I said cos gonna wanna just rally portable money it's barely worth of a7ii afternoon like it was so hurry kazuhiko say go big or a camera did I buy nearly stream and grammar was monitor person owns a car repair it being America did my nightly thing rambro calcio rambro help in a powers when a depositor coz the city to occupy when a keyword occupy cam Lana realizing the opposite let's what have Dannic by own in gamla what is unreasonable Sarah so what is that is happening not humans what's the test Lyceum in June just tease matter my brother was doing so he got on Cornell Tech in coordinate is normal duties until now Bertha was I didn't know anybody gonna bust me I didn't already Paulina have the guns and what a man should find her brought up was Aaron Asda he loaded abuse for hospitals and cacophonous on Cote testify or not it was rusted City beginning about Jan nails up Mara hi dr. pol multi-story Lisa McCarthy because I know was lady Belkis on mati bill kasam attorney bill catafalque boil on announcer little better get her noni piano then under be an abortive boss Hisoka yeah baba zj projection wanna build a portable would oppress the canopy what Bilka only concerned about the verticals and oculina Vonnegut is no B&O Metro will falter you know poor a vertical never Nagar pal Floresta seconds and the Builder hey manager who's that girl around you can answer see what you could put that answer you know pooja Ganesha bodily keep on one ERA over lambda oh boy lazier nobody to go around this thing Oh Juanita did someone say that it went early as I'm cooking up our money Roberta was the Enda and I'm looking at questioning sob this basically I know I'm a war top or Sarah amrapali Anantha you know summers mother lambreaux nobody Rampone Alta some as a ramen burger rhombus each editor on a par you política rambles fastest TT on over you know only put on the mantissa pyramid Annunziata you know a Barako Bull maguro tuna you know I am bro mans you know polyamory pound letter I'm romantic comes onion you know thought of any company down the pounder top everyone only somewhat is to sell Ramapo energy so she can say no not Oliver in Tulsa it's also the company I mentioned Akiko yo man check up on a man Chicano Kosuke prostitute Petra so Tomiko didn't give me a copper a Copenhagen it dumped the crap are you gonna go mop was the recommended city ID you do copper it didn't Paula do it in mind it agreement what's a did it was dinner dinner wine no I was some underwear on Timothy O'Dell Katie disarmament or era after the room narrow was a titty her take them to her lighting was a wonderful darling but I wanna live boyfriend hang on to Anthony D boy oh boy you know known T and T word you know I gotta walk over tour well I'm about to go ahead I know T where yeah I put her on the little boss one I'd sit there in a pack with other happening go go DeeDee yeah I like what I might do it in menopause he ki khatti so my party do you think my Latino in a party tall guy got her little Bosniak what her novice burn over you sir Duke Allah what sir damn cookie lie are you some call it dumb could see like I wanna go I'm on I let it pile oven I know I let's take don't Cruces Austerlitz do you know our awfully 1l story postnup I say yeah freedom man everyone else on a path of live on understood no no behind a pastor they were a man it don't go see later serenity I'll Jacuzzi like that China I mean topping it them rue de Harry color some universalism mederi Runa Harry well mommy let some neurons grammar we could area odd sir Samantha here it up my nose Tajima Colin I got not merely zindagi MA I mean mommy like also mommy am I gonna poke a pony I mean Carrie come at home your character Magnum Monica guru trusted garagas home Tommy about it be sick I suppose over god what a big arts or even a Tokra excellent got some oil in Igor Tina 1 min soo berm Emily called you got no estaba Thomas artists what's your name when you could be a chart man's what's up cool new buried at sea coast okay that one positive Allah body just big aristocracy do Colonel use dukka dukka Vonnegut insane did you just in no human Sonny man sophistica flora this signals just relax again it's the luck China man citizen and then that not being bigoted to cut in to rob somebody topper still to Kadena about subsidize Buster some overtopping policy statements but have also been overwritten I echo like item or Ling dancing Delaney Kilgore Rabbitohs one of the cost to help you with this use any magical dr. maestro got Subin akiza my sister girls wanna cattle some more Susan Lucci container so then this is Dennis Walaker current for a day nine muscles dinner Tara Boulevard zindagi rhombus tongue a bit is just Alexa jinda grammar campitos Alexa and zindagi ramazan apetito tickets on or Amazon PT Ryan Higa tell us what 100 Nakata God knows I know more did you know just when a that token on like them Graham relax it's Ramsey Lanza no not to collect no I'm not the stochastic any like dinner any lesson top Nicola concatenate this contact Kerry Dominic categories would sake district court number that's again nice knowing about 2 min later called a cricketer ladies concern will take it online Gallagher swimmer given the gala context to the Malaga llegando melt apology Scylla Otsuka D divine it's a no did he weigh nice ain't it boy nigga Tamara had a note on male this they are needed he went home and I had heard that accosted in Saratov once again my CD no I'm saying I know not even even China Ghana Guinea song yes Aaron I'm a ninja Gallagher Gary go to China gal you are the norm sit award in anything there's another of psychosis caveny Kinichi soccer team that didn't you gonna go do the windows photon monkeys minute hammer on own Allah Peter Gallagher I'm Jessica Gallagher data Nina Gallagher aye crystal to come on poor Emily this is one Hanukkah out of all branches Condon possible even for company I mean I'm look your carry criminals will assume in technical oh my look and I'm not gonna stand on answer especially dancer on on Sony more lean colic item a linear internal man never man mm1 Barney Hiroko it come on Tony you do me like that's similar is Emily any hearing he doing Erica Napa ricotta paralyzed Malcolm on positive a lie Nepali trimco together anymore did I need but Sheila so my area cope limb that's it what Sheila so my compliment one Nepali party I saw me when a military area a meadow has all three metabolic women body a mirage extreme I did last know Roscoe CEO Lee ro do naman Maxim de toluca this dear Amelia did it I'm relating the ramen I put here just topple I love is 21 positive while you got the drank during bag of hype a three-month Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna girl of studies of steam enforcer is a bad one I mean teams on my second each other at least a video just Liam Kerrigan later on what cuz I'm on what I don't know back osa we have like models that had dancer gunas timing chip on so horribly it's a topping like he'd run back what I'm gonna do because I like you not want me to be a designer this thing man I need a remodeling warnimont so I know millennia for I have only one son to Miley some I could say no but I wanna dance with Austerlitz on it last question top Allah you know I'm real could agony before you as ago unreleased studio mentally I'm wrong name under last week are garam I'm Lee Bolin would get it off me – ooh ho topic on Monica could a dragon ago it last Mesoamerica 80 degree cooler can even ago I mean do is Arabic actually Tommy still passed a much hobby just a atom that are was a drug addict own this the pony could happen if I know it last not my son competitor could a conical he says it openly Mero you gala minor mania kisi a proper determine a hotel tonight Emily Kidd in one's own a monatomic even answer came in three tell me all that deliverable top or banana born award I a kiss money gonna pound over determined do touch it mm Elam a game on the hexagons my given your command sir the time of the keys gonna stop Nikita piranhas miracle I won immunity or not sturdiness of a non-generic mister your nickel Ramallah carry Comanche c'mon Magi som'n see latina or just like I just like kiss one you could Athenian to cut about you and I were together buddy I'll see you got the word have like a cap nonsense Priscilla Gallup optimal of hopper and Munira Manziel no hurts any I know just stop I got pork Assad least I could go suitable an adjustable just hopper hands upon the hair opinion he came on cushy basket of is already got very awkward anywhere it lasts on them atomic modeling colic Arita dancing module like it on Watsa so hollow news hundreds were coming except upon a delivery when she goes wrong also some other girl says itself alone Sandman see that's thank you very much Subaru a psychological combat Irma liability knows more sunglasses educator some of noon sir grants tamo-guna stomachs eight McCune repeated answer the measurements as you got incidents question honest topic at Molly I'm Lucy analyzed subscribe garbanzo when you got in you allah Anita billion TT me Amakusa so Thomas car

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