АСМР Шепот и Рисование 🎨 ASMR Whispering and Drawing ✨

АСМР Шепот и Рисование 🎨 ASMR Whispering and Drawing ✨

Hello everyone, my good Today we have video with anti-stress coloring which is waiting for 2 years to be shot in video I finally got it Today video without me in the frame just my hands But there will be a close whisper Will pencils markers handles and other pens like that We will paint the coloring with you from this book I bought it on Aliexpress and we will choose this picture I chose it quite randomly but she’s pretty cute Hope you enjoy this video because I haven’t shot anything like this before it’s not that popular hope for your like and comment In General, I think such videos are very relaxing in their own way just the emotional background since the person is not in the frame they’re not so intense, I guess I need you… Where to start? I haven’t painted anything in a while I don’t know, let it be this one Paint the sky Although you can portray the sunset… Okay, let’s leave it at that Let’s start with the foliage My minus regarding such videos Usually they tell something Any interesting stories I always have a problem because I don’t know how to tell stories I don’t know what to say Therefore… I can tell you a story though Now I have a cat at my feet In this plaid he’s coming down lying on my feet and Kenya wrapped herself in It And I’m very uncomfortable But it’s a cat And if the cat is sleeping, then you can not move Does anyone else have that habit? That if a came — the all — no more moving We should probably do weed different shades to make it more interesting Let’s see how it turns out Let’s try the other side As a child I loved coloring It was so interesting give life to the picture somehow magically revive it I wonder how long it will take me to color it I think the video will be at least half an hour Probably even more How everything is intertwined Neatly I think the cat’s gone Kenya, do you want to show yourself to people? Come here, Bunny A little cat How big it is from this angle I don’t think the idea of putting a cat in here was a good one Because he doesn’t want to leave now I’ll bite She licks first Like, Yes, well, I’ll lick you, leave me alone And if you do not fall behind, then there is a tactical bite It seems that we will continue to paint when… By the way, in my childhood I did a great stuff I had a cat Fluffy Persian cat He kept biting my heels though not without reason I once painted it with gouache And sprayed on hairspray To make the color persistent He had such a nice Mohawk Multicolored It was originally peach colored When my mother came back, I was very hurt And then the cat was washed for a long time But he was fine, if anything In my childhood, although I liked the cats I still liked to play with them More often games were like feeding with a spoon and laying on pillows give them all sorts of Goodies, build high towers and put the cat on the top say something like, ” Oh, my Queen, what do you want me to bring you?” a spoonful of sour cream but oddities like the painted cat also happened Never do it again All -??? cats living and they don’t deserve that Yes, my little one? my Princess I think now the right frame will be finished at the time when the cat will disappear and we still continue to paint Or we can try to start coloring this part What? You want a gel pen? You’re my good Let’s paint over this strip Okay, okay Okay, I get it Cat vs So the frame just changes Keep in the loop Cat went to eat And we will continue to paint Such a small lyrical digression But the story was remembered And the if sit and thinking, that would to tell not a single story comes to mind And so every time On phrase ” Gelya, tell us anything” on stream for all four and a half years I always have a stupor I’ll paint over that too You can paint over at least every blade of grass different shades even pink, but we’ll make it look more familiar But the reeds will be Golden There’s a few more Six in all You need to paint these leaves Propose a for them take here is such green No, we need a darker one Better to let it be this Oh Yes It will be more beautiful Outside the car go Although where I live now It’s quieter than in the past But Moscow is Moscow Any road here is quite noisy But on the whole it’s quieter And that’s good Hope, will well heard and me and a pen I put the microphones a little differently It’s really very soothing Relaxes Even makes you want to sleep Slowly, quietly, slowly Creating some kind of fairy tale your Because everyone paints in their own way It is unlikely to be the same have someone I hope my breathing isn’t too loud I generally avoid close interaction with microphones I always feel like I’m breathing too loud Sometimes it gives me the creeps But sometimes gets in the ears There are three painted, now these three It is a pity that we together with you can not choose the colors For example, you now say some color and we will use it I think it would be fun And the here only on my taste of I hope it’s okay that I have not quite accurately it turns out Sometimes I go abroad And this one Iridescent and beautiful Still here need to finish painting And here you can make different shades of leaves Can I get these shades? Or is it better closer to the sea? Or is this gamma more suitable here? I’ll try these And sometimes I can accidentally push the camera Because to put the camera so that it does not interfere, did not work It seems that these two colors are not much different Do you know how it could be done? Take colors in order Randomly to lay out the And take in order Who gets what That would be fun With very strange colors Pink duck Yellow water It would be interesting It is terrible to paint over such small details-suddenly the hand twitches That’s all And you’re ruining it If any moments are cut So something was going very loud or small nice cats purred You don’t want to cut things like that too much I want that there were no missed moments, as in ordinary videos That’s twenty minutes and the source material for four hours Bad shots, something else Although sometimes it turns out to record the first time And the original time is not much different from the final But more often the difference is quite large trying to do better although still every time it seems that it is not good enough and it could have been better Wow, how green and beautiful I’ll even take a closer look Maybe you can see better this way. And then a long look at the markers… I, of course, wanted to beautifully arrange them Because when there are a lot of them, they are nice to look at I love videos with such collections, unpacking When there’s a lot of favors, markers, whatever Cute What’s next? Can I have this side Stone, the frog and leaves There are stones in this color? We will have And here, perhaps, or slightly darker, or slightly lighter I don’t know what it is, though Weed? And this part can be made gray Keep in the know: cat is back, meow a lot So that… Now somewhere will lie down and will purr, grunt breathe Cats make a lot of sounds She’s purring now Maybe you can hear it a little It is a pity that it is difficult to record on the camera purring Quenu and foxy They immediately stop purring when I try to drag a microphone or a camera to them How slowly I do it Apparently, half an hour of video is at least Then a few hours work The cat curled up I wonder if any of you will watch this video? Similar theme with creativity, sounds of nature and so not the most popular Although I myself often watch role playing games I like to feel emotions not just listening The role-always very much it is passed But such a video will be convenient for those who turn on and fall asleep or does something, and in the background includes similar videos When you do something, and the background is still something goes it helps Any processing in photoshop, for example Sometimes you want dynamic music on the background or ASMR-video or something or series It depends more on the mood I don’t know why I’m telling you this perhaps, to the most not fall asleep There’s an eel, so that’s his tail, and this is a rock Here, too, perhaps, stumbling Like this And here — what a big rock It clearly needed to be painted over with a not so thin pen There’s a little more left The next stone I’ll paint marker Here, perhaps, too, can be paint I wonder how long we’ve been sitting here would foxy come? I need a marker This way This must be a stone, too And here stones Because of the amount of gray, the picture seems more gloomy I just imagined How long will this roller be processed But it will be a pleasant video for someone Let’s try a different color Like this one And for these two stones take another shade How crooked I make it I hope there aren’t many perfectionists among you Let’s blame it on the fact that I’m sitting uncomfortably There’s two legs are That’s nice There’s also a stone here This, I think, should be made some green Let it be moss or ooze It will be a little strange color No matter what color to take… Lighter or darker? All colors are similar This, perhaps It’s so peaceful That I relaxed and stopped thinking about anything Just sit and paint I hope to get a nice I wonder how long it would take you? It took me longer than I thought Stalks A couple more leaves and let’s move on to the others Let’s pretend that the stem is thicker here Some I’m done, some I’m not So, now we will paint here such And this one Here better thin the end of the Which looks like a pen But I like it better. I don’t know why Let’s paint the frog who’s sitting here so sad I wonder what color eyes frogs have Not very noticeable difference Here is so, paws have made It looks weird though That’s better… or not, I don’t know Let’s do this with some unusual color Since I don’t quite know what it is Or just some stuff But I want to do it this way Immediately stands out against the background of all this We need some orange in here What color are the ducks? I don’t know what color ducks are The chickens are yellow, but they are ducklings and the ducklings? Let them be yellow too And let the duck be with green wings It’ll turn out to be a duck boy, but okay Let’s pretend this is normal Ducklings will be bright yellow Beaks I wonder what kind of duck I’ll get I’m afraid there is no such duck And the duck itself will be like this But it’s bright And it will be noticed from afar on such wings Let’s make the water dark blue I wonder if it is possible to make a portrait of a person by how and what colors he paints I think I’ll get some porridge The feeling that the water will be very dark AI I just think I think we’re done with the blue water I propose to make yellow sand And so bright And in the meantime the cat closed his eyes with a paw from light

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